Access management

Access management

To define or modify your live access rule, click on the padlock icon at the top of the screen.

You have the possibility to restrain or not the access to your live and thus chose who can watch it. 
Different options are available: 
  • Public: any user with the name or link of your room can access it.
  • Password: to access your room, users need to enter the password you have chosen. So only people to whom you have communicated your password can access your content.

  • Request access: users will need to request access to your live. They have the option of entering a message. You will then receive an alert informing you of this request and you will have the choice to accept them or not.

  • Event : You have the possibility to create an event for your room. Your live will then be accessible on a page dedicated to the event. You can configure its access upstream: free entry, on registration, or with a VIP list that you can beforehand define. 
When you modify the access rule to your room, you are offered to disconnect all the users already present. If, for example, you have applied a password rule for access, logged-out users will have to enter this password to return to your room.

If you want to disconnect all present users without modifying the access rule. All you need to do is click on the "Disconnect everyone" button.

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