Add a video file to your live

Add a video file to your live

Blastream allows you to add a video source to the live stream. This source can be a video document that you have added to your document library. 

For more information on adding a document, go to This page

Once your video is added to the library, click on the play icon to launch it on the live

In the layers section, several actions are available for this video: 

The play/pause button in the center of the image allows you to pause or resume the video.

The bar with the red dot allows you to select a precise moment of the video.

"loop" allows you to play the video in a loop. 

"Close video at the end" removes the video from the live and from the layers when it is finished. If this option is disabled, at the end of the video, it will stop on the last frame but will remain on the live. 

To increase or decrease the volume of the video, click on the purple icon next to the file name. A pane will open and a slider will allow you to adjust the volume of the video.

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