The backstage functionality allows the Animators to communicate with the participants without being audible in the live, to do this click on the Backstage icon in the action bar.

be careful you can't access this interface if you are active on the live.

Backstage interface


Change the volume of the live when talking to a speaker
  1. No change (default)
  2. Lower the volume
  3. Mute the sound
Filter participants by name (Search)

Filter participants by state
  1. Show only those who are not launched yet to the live session
  2. Show those who raise their hands only
  3. Show speakers only

Bulk Actions 

Start discussions with all participants or only those previously selected

Send a message to all participants or only those previously selected
Stop the discussion

Available Actions per participant

  1. Sélect for bulks actions 
  2. Adjust volume
  3.  Activate /  deactivate
  4. Activate /  Mute microphone
  5.  Activate /  Mute camera
  6.  Switch to main speaker
  7.  Switch to main speaker and go full screen
  8. Start a discussion, audio and chat
  9. Send a message
  10. Stop the discussion

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