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    • General informations and activation

      If you want to broadcast your live on your social networks, just click on "Simulcast" in your settings, then click on the desired platforms: You can then simulcast on Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, or on any RTMP target. See the help pages ...
    • Create my account

      Before creating your room, you need to register. To register, simply choose a name for your account : this will be the name of your room. Then click on "Start". Type your mail address and your password then click on "submit" You will instantly ...
    • Log in

      To log in to your account, click on "log in" then type your mail address and your password. If you created your account via Facebook, Google, Twitter or Twitch, log in with the matching social media.    You are now ready to Blastream !
    • General Q&A

      What is the difference between Blastream and solutions like Zoom or Teams? With blastream you produce your livestreaming: - select the speakers to display on the screen - select layout - welcome them in the backstage - scripting with the scene ...