General settings

General settings

General settings are available for your room in the "settings" then "general" part. You will also be able to see your maximum number of participants and simultaneous videos on the screen depending on your subscription.

"Allow users to automatically connect to the visioconference": This option allows you to define whether or not you want to allow any user to connect by video conference with their camera and microphone freely.

      1. If enabled, any user joining your room will be able to connect by videoconference with their camera and microphone. You will also have the choice to decide if the users joining your room will be automatically greeted by the selection of sources to connect by webcam as below thanks to the parameter "Automatically invite the user to connect by webcam". If this option is unchecked, users can connect by webcam only when they want using the button below.

      2. If it is deactivated, you will have the choice to authorize or not the participants to request to participate in the live thanks to the parameter "Participants can request to join the videoconference". By checking this option, users will have to make a request to join with their camera and microphone. Using a button as below. By unchecking it, users arriving in your room will not be able to automatically connect with their webcam or to request it.

If you have enabled the "Participants can request to join the video conference" setting, once a user requests to join, you will receive a notification letting you know. You will have the choice to accept or decline.

The user is notified of your answer, and if it is positive, he will see the pop-in display to choose his video and audio source before joining the live

"Create a specific link for your speakers": By having unchecked the two options previously described, users cannot join the videoconference. However, you can create a specific link for your speakers, and thus control who can join the video. Once their nickname has been chosen, they will automatically be able to join the live.

You can also use this link to send a quick access link to speakers. Note that if you want more personalization, you can do so thanks to the speaker profiles in the collaborators. Find more details on the collaborators in the dedicated help page.

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