General Q&A

General Q&A

What is the difference between Blastream and solutions like Zoom or Teams?

With blastream you produce your livestreaming:

- select the speakers to display on the screen

- select layout

- welcome them in the backstage

- scripting with the scene builder

- delivered a single feed and having full control of what is viewed by your participants


What is the difference between Blastream and solutions such as Restream or StreamYard?

With solutions such as StreamYard or Restream you are dependent on a live streaming service (facebook live, vimeo etc).

On blastream, your speakers, like your participants, can be hosted on your blastream room. You can broadcast at a latency of less than 1 second to several thousand participants directly on blastream.


What does "simultaneous videos" mean?

"Simultaneous videos" means the number of videos that can be viewed at the same time in a mosaic, with available camera and audio.

You can welcomes hundreds of speakers in a same Blastream room, but they will not be all visible at the same time.

We can increase the number of speakers to make appear in video on request. To contact us:


Can we produce a livestreaming on Blastream?

Yes, you can create your livestreaming, invite all your speakers and produce their interventions directly from Blastream.


Can I broadcast a livestreaming and record it on Blastream?

Yes, you can broadcast your livestreaming on Blastream and welcome your viewers directly: you don't need to use a third-party service for this.

The recording is available few seconds later. You can download MP4 or share replay web page.


Can I broadcast on social networks or on a livestreaming platform with Blastream?

Yes, the video streaming can be broadcast on several social networks and platforms simultaneously.


Can I do a video conferencing session on Blastream?

Yes, you can make a video conferencing session on Blastream. 


Can I use multiple Blastream rooms simultaneously?

Yes, you can create and use several Blastream rooms simultaneously, by subscribing to our ENTERPRISE offer:

If I integrate Blastream on my platform, can I broadcast the livestreaming for my users directly from my platform?

Yes, if you integrate Blastream with your platform, your users will be able to access all your livestreamings from your platform only.


How does the Blastream subscription work?

Depending on your needs, if you want to use one or more Blastream rooms, we offer several possibilities:

- a SaaS PRO subscription from €90/month


Pay as you go subscription from €9/hour

or from €90/month

For more information on our offers:


Do I need to download any software to use Blastream?

No software or downloads are required. Blastream is accessible on all web browsers with a smartphone, tablet or computer.


Can I customise the Blastream interface?

Yes, you can customize both your live video (logo, overlay, background) and entire Blastream interface via our page customization module (logo, custom colour, uploading your logo...).

For developers, you can go further by directly modifying the Css and adding Javascript to your Blastream room.

If you don't have an in-house developer, we can help you. To contact us:


Is it possible to add/hide certain features when needed on Blastream?

Yes, this is possible, by using Javascript and/or CSS code directly from your Blastream room. If you don't have an in-house developer, we can help you with this. To contact us:


Can I use Blastream as a white label with my platform?

Yes, this is one of the features of our Enterprise offering.


Can I integrate Blastream with my website?

Yes, you can integrate Blastream on your site, via an i-frame such as a Youtube video, or via API.


Where are located the Blastream's infrastructure and servers?

All of our infrastructure and servers are located in France.


Does Blastream exploit user data?

No, this is not our philosophy. We collect user data only for the purpose of running a livestreaming and/or videoconferencing session. Only the room administrators have access to this data, which is deleted once the Blastream room is deactivated.


Is the Blastream solution GDPR compliant?



Can I test Blastream before subscribing?

Yes, you can activate a trial from your Blastream account. This will give you access to all Blastream features, however, a watermark is automatically added to the video during a trial. To create your Blastream account, use this link:

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