General introduction

General introduction

The Votes section groups together the different types of questions that you can define, configure and publish during a live:
  1. Multiple: multiple choice question
  2. Quiz: multiple choice question with only one correct answer
  3. Yes / no: question with Yes or No as a choice
  4. Ratings: 5-star voting system

Your surveys are grouped into 3 tabs:
  1. Drafts: list of polls awaiting publication
  2. Active: list of polls published on the chat and where it is still possible to vote
  3. Archived: list of polls published and whose votes have been closed

When adding a new survey, you choose the desired type of survey (multiple, quiz, yes / no or note) then the following elements are requested:
  1. the question on which the survey relates
  2. the possible answers (depending on the type of survey chosen)
  3. Show results for participants: if you activate this option, participants will see the results of the poll in real time in the chat after having voted themselves.
  4. Publish now: if you do not check this option, the survey will remain in draft

Draft polls can be published from the list by clicking on the icon or directly from the side panel next to the chat
Only draft surveys can be edited.

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