This part will allow you to define the livestreaming protocol you want to use.
For very specific needs, we give you the possibility to bypass the Blastream studio and define an external video player or an RTMP url to replace the Blastream player.

Advanced settings cannot be edited when videoconferencing is active

Blastream studio

This is the default use.
You have the possibility to modify the livestreaming protocol, and choose between:
  1. WebRTC (very low latency)
  2. HLS with latency of 5 to 7s
  3. Standard HLS

External video player

This mode allows you to replace the Blastream player with an external video player. Blastream then no longer manages the live part and you lose all the related functionalities (management of speakers, sources, scenes, etc) but you keep the interface and other functionalities such as chat, access management or even customization. If you choose this mode, you will then have to copy paste the i-frame code of the chosen player.

Stream from a third-party encoder via an RTMP url

available soon

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