Participants list

Participants list

To see the list of all participants, click on the symbol  located at the top of the chat.

You can view the list of all session participants in live video (whether you are in live streaming or videoconference mode in the Blastream room). This list includes both participants who are on video, and those who are not on video.
The participants in video are identifiable thanks to the red circle located at the top right of their icon. We also find under their name the various information of their state in video (speaker, microphone off, video off).


By clicking on the magnifying glass, you will be able to search for one or more participants by name.


On roll-over on a participant, a list of actions is displayed as above:
  1. camera icon: you can decide to invite a participant in video from the chat by clicking on this icon
  2. message icon: on click, you can send a private message to this user
  3. crossed out chat icon: when you click, you will hide this user's messages. Thus these messages sent from the chat will no longer be displayed to other participants. When this option is activated, the icon changes to the icon to authorize this new participant to publish messages
  4. profile icon crossed out: this action will ban the person from your room. It will be ejected from your live and will not be able to come back later
The small arrow at the top right allows you to detach the chat and open it in a separate page as in the example below. You just have to click again on this icon to bring the chat back to the page as initially.

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