Public tchat

Public tchat

Public chat brings together all of the participants invited to your room, which means that any participant has access by default and can post messages there spontaneously, whatever their role (moderator, speaker, moderator, participant), in the context of an unmoderated chat.

Compose a message

To compose a message, the form is sufficient at the bottom of the page. It is possible to integrate emojis using the emojis button (on click, it will open an emoji library) or a document using the "Attachment" button.

If you drag and drop a document from your computer into the message entry field, the file will be automatically uploaded and shared on the chat

The wheel to the left of the "Send" button allows the member to modify his name.
If the person is live, their name will also be changed on the source list.
Each message is made up of:
  1. the avatar of its owner. By default, it is displayed with the first letter of its name in a blue circle. A personalized image if you have uploaded a replacement image in the settings of the live source or if it is a collaborator and an avatar has been uploaded
  2. The name of its owner. If this participant has a specific role (broadcaster, moderator, host), he will be posted on the roll over of his pseudonym.
  3. The content of his message
When roll-over a message, an action list is displayed on the left:
  1. Pin the message
  2. Delete Message
  3. Archive (only for surveys)
  4. Show on video (only available when live)
  5. A "More" menu which will display the new action menu. This same menu (described below) is displayed when you click on the nickname and the avatar.

This menu will display actions only if the person is still logged in. Otherwise, a notice informs you that the person is no longer present in the room

In this secondary menu, you are offered actions concerning the participant:
  1. invite by video: you can decide to invite a participant in video from the chat by clicking on this icon
  2. Send a private message: on click, you can send a private message to this user
  3. Hide messages: on click, you will hide the messages of this user. Thus these messages sent from the chat will no longer be displayed to other participants. When this option is activated, the icon and the text change so that, again, this participant can post messages on the public chat.
  4. Ban: This action will ban the person from your room. It will be ejected from your live and will not be able to come back later.

  The public chat also includes the section symbolized by the icon above. They allow you quick access to your draft surveys and to be able to publish them on the public chat with one click.

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