When the Questions / Answers (Q&A) module is activated, a new item in the side menu to the left of the chat appears. The red dot indicates the number of messages waiting.

When you click on this button, the list of pending messages is displayed as below. The messages are listed there in chronological order (the oldest at the bottom of the list) and the new ones will be automatically added to the top of the stack.

For each message, you have 2 possible options:
  1. Answer: On click, an input form for the displayed response. Once the response has been entered, you can click on the Send button. The message will be validated and published with your response on the public chat instantly
  2. Delete: the message will then be deleted from the list of messages to be moderated and will not be published.
You can bookmark messages. To do this, you just have to click on the star icon. When it is displayed in yellow, the message is marked as favorites.
When you click "View only favorites", only messages marked as favorites will be displayed in the list.

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