Rooms - First steps

Rooms - First steps

Here you have the list of the rooms belongings to the Space.
Let's create our first room:

Channel Slug will be the name of the channel, it is unique per account.
Room size depends the number of participants and simultaneous video source you need for that room.
You can also choose the billing type, choose the type of billing to best suit your needs !

If you have already other rooms you can also use the duplicate from options, where you can take another channel settings custom or both and apply them to your brand new channel ! 
Useful if you want to create different rooms with the same design, or the same pre-defined settings !

You can also do those on the index. Go the the Clone and Duplicate section

On the index you have those actions available to you:

From left to right:
Edit the channel : Change the channel settings, go the the edit section
Clone: Go the the Clone section for the explanation
Have the embedded code: the code will be display for you to integrate it on your own website or platform
Chain: Click on it to get a viewer and admin url if you don't want to integrate the room and still be able to use it.
Trash: Remove the channel.

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