Select source

Select source

When you start the video conference or a collaborator joins your room, you must choose your audio and video sources.

The sources

Make sure you choose the right camera and microphone. You can modify your sources by clicking on the arrow Chevron en bas - Icônes flèches gratuites
A green bar indicates the detection of the sound of your microphone. Blastream will also tell you with an "Ok, I can hear you :)" if your microphone is functional.

Once your video and audio sources have been selected, click Submit.
You can deactivate your microphone or webcam by clicking on the button below the list of sources.

If you deactivate your video, a default image will be displayed if you are integrated (which can be personalized by the hosts of the live).

Your name
You can change your name at this stage.

If you change your name, this will also be valid on the chat.

Join the video

Once clicked on Submit, you join the video. According to the rules defined by the owner of the room, you will arrive with the sound and / or the video activated or not.

Subsequently, you can change your sources at any time by clicking on the arrow Chevron en bas - Icônes flèches gratuites of the microphone and camera icons in the management bar at the bottom of the page. By clicking on the icon, you will mute or activate the source.

Open microphone and webcam

Open mic and cut webcam

Microphone cut and webcam open

Microphone and webcam muted

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