In the "video" part then "settings" several parameters are available to you.

The video quality of your room

Here you will be able to predefine the default quality for your live (480p, 720p or 1080p)

Please note, the options available depend on your subscription

Presentation rules before and during the live

You can define the entry conditions for your speakers before the livestreaming is started and during the live independently. For example, you can make sure that during your videoconference the users can connect while being visible and with their microphone activated, and when you have launched the live, the (late) connecting users will be paused so as not to appear in the video without you wanting it.

For these two modes, the options are identical:
"Speakers are not visible when they connect": by checking this option, users connecting with their webcam and their microphone will be automatically paused (they are not visible and their microphone is muted.) You can add them to the video stream by clicking on this icon  in your sources. This is a useful option to avoid visual clipping when users join while a presentation is in progress.
"The speakers have their microphone muted when they connect": by checking this option, the connected users will appear on the video stream, but will have their microphone muted. You can restore it at any time by clicking on this icon . This is a useful option to avoid cuts or annoyances in the sound when a speaker is speaking.


"Start livestreaming automatically": when this option is activated, there will be no videoconference, clicking on "start" will automatically launch the live.

"Start recording automatically": by checking this option, starting live will automatically start a video recording.

"Hide the overlay": by checking this option, the information at the bottom right of the video sources will be hidden for you and your speakers. Note that live viewers never see the overlay.

Screen sharing

"Only the main speaker can share his screen": when this option is checked, like document sharing, the speakers will have to ask to be the main speaker to share their screen.

Layout: this option allows you to change the layout for screen sharing and document sharing. When you close the screen or document sharing, you will find the initial layout.

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