In your cloud video control room, the settings can be found here:

The settings allow you to manage:

Margin on the video:
Change the margin around the whole video, being able to change the top, bottom, left and right values ‚Äč‚Äčindividually

Source margin:
Modify the margin between the sources, i.e. the spacing between several speaker cameras for example

Choose the cropping mode of the video sources
  1. Auto adaptive according to the format of the sources received,
  2. Force resize in 4: 3
  3. Force resize in 16: 9
  4. Force resize to fill the whole area

Border thickness and color:
Apply a border color from each source and define its thickness

Secondary speaker ratio:
Modify the occupancy percentage on the video of the secondary speakers for the picture in picture and speaker in big layouts.
Depending on the number of sources and therefore of lines of secondary sources, the size of each speaker will adapt to comply with this ratio.

Maximum number of lines and maximum number of speakers per line :
Choose, for the picture in picture template, the maximum number of lines to display for secondary speakers and the maximum number of speakers per line

Replace the DB meter with the name of the user :
When audio is active, a DB meter (green volume gauge) is displayed by default to the right of the source to indicate to participants that this speaker is speaking. With this parameter, you will be able to change the Db meter by displaying the name of the user who emits the sound.
If you do not want a particular display on sources emitting sound, all you have to do is uncheck the Dbmeter parameter below to display nothing.

Transition :
Add a fade effect or animation during transitions between layouts or between scenes, by being able to modify the fade color
For animation, you can specify the animation effect (Linear, ease in or ease out) and the duration of the transition.

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