Before or during the use of your chat, you can configure various actions, by clicking on the Settings  section, located at the top left of the interface of your room, then on Chat  accessible on the left in the list summarizing all the possible settings.

Disable chat

By checking this option, the public interface no longer displays the chat part (public chat but also private messaging and the list of connected people) so that the player will be displayed in full page like the example below.

Hide system messages

System messages are the chat notifications that appear when a person logs in and out of the chat, like the example below. If you activate this option, they will no longer be displayed.

Disable public chat

Unlike the first option, this one remains displayed but will be closed for all participants but it will remain displayed as well as the list of participants and private messaging. Only the owner of the room, his animators and his moderators will be able to write a message on the public chat.

Moderate chat

In moderated chat mode, messages sent by participants are subject to your validation or that of your moderators to be displayed in public chat. Find more details on moderation in the dedicated help page.

Question / answer

In Question / Answer (Q&A) mode, participants will have an icon? under the chat entry field to send you a question. This can only be displayed on the public chat once you respond to it in the dedicated list. Find more details on the questions / answers in the dedicated help page.

The chat can be either in Q&A mode or in moderate mode, but not both at the same time.

Clear public chat history

When you click on the Empty button, all the messages in the public chat will be deleted.
The polls are not erased by this action. If you want to delete them, you will have to do it manually in the chat.

Delete all private and group messages

This option will delete all private chats (private messages and group messaging) for all participants in your room. Messages from the Admin group will also be deleted, but not the group itself.
Only possible when all participants have left your room

Export chat history

By clicking on Export, a csv file will be offered for download. It will contain all the messages present in the public chat
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