Types of collaborators

Types of collaborators

There are three different statuses for your collaborators:


The speaker is a simple video or audio participant, and he has no right of action on the video stream or on the other participants but has the same interface and the same rights as a traditional speaker.
But this profile allows you to create a unique link per speaker to access the room and join the live directly and to define his name, description and avatar upstream.
Here's what its Blastream interface looks like:


The moderator role focuses on the management of the chat and the participants. He has the necessary rights to:
  1. The moderation of messages on the chat (approve a message in moderated chat, delete or pin a message.)
  2. Participant management (hide or ban a user.)
  3. Creating and adding surveys.
The moderator has no access to the video control room and the parameters of your room.


He is the conductor of the live. Its main role is to support you for the smooth running of the live and to manage the video production. He has all access and is in full control of the room. Assigning a collaborator the status of animator allows them to have exactly the same rights and actions as you. For example, you can take turns managing the video control room with your animators. Only the middle offfice pages (my account, my subscription, my statistics, etc) are not accessible to him.

Here is the animator interface;

If you have the possibility and the need, it can be interesting to have a facilitator dedicated to the management of the backstage and thus be able to communicate and prepare the non-live speakers who are called upon to intervene. . Find more details on the backstage in the dedicated help page.

In your sources on the left, the statuses of your collaborators are indicated by a letter and a color as follows:

B in red for Broadcaster (Host)
M in purple for Moderator
S in cyan for Speaker

People without letters have not been assigned a role and are therefore by default simple speakers.
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